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Though Linux started about 15 years ago, the open source movement has only started to gain momentum. Let's consider what has happened recently in Netherlands. The government has set out a task group ‘NOIV’, to stimulate open source and open standards within the Dutch government. With the amount of open source solutions available on sourceforge and more packages that are launched every day, it seems an unstoppable development. Even ERP solutions, which have been one of the major cash cows of the software industry in the past decades, can be downloaded from the Internet. There are a few developments needed in the open source world. We need more open source system integrators that specialize in the implementation of open source solutions and deliver support. We need more big organizations that lead the way and share their open source success stories. Once these two d... (more)

Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence

In the wake of the economic slowdown, organizations are increasingly looking for ways to do more with the same resources; articulate differently - to make every penny, input and contribution count. In such situations, technologies like Cloud Computing and Business Intelligence (BI) are becoming increasingly important in gaining and maintaining a competitive edge. These technologies when combined enable a variety of new analytic data management projects and business possibilities. Cloud computing will change the economics of BI by making available the hardware, networking, securi... (more)

The Hype of Emerging Technologies

The recent Gartner Report on "Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies" has revealed some amazing facts about the future of emerging technologies... The Gartner report examines the maturity of 1,600+ technologies and trends in 70 technology, topic, and industry areas providing a snapshot of key technologies and trends in a specific technology, topic, geographic region, or industry domain. The report covers technologies such as cloud computing, data center power and cooling technologies, media broadcasting, photovoltaic solar energy, and virtualization etc. providing a cross-industry... (more)

Benefits from Web 2.0: Offshoring

One of the major denominators of Web 2.0 is ‘online collaboration’. As Don Tapscott puts it in his book ‘wikinomics’: ‘The old notion that you have to attract, develop, and retain the best and brightest inside your corporate boundaries is becoming null. With the cost of collaboration falling precipitously, companies can increasingly source ideas, innovations and uniquely qualified minds from a vast global pool of talent’. While offshoring has been growing in popularity over the past 10 years, the real breakthrough is yet to come. And while Linux started about 15 years ago, the o... (more)

Growing Adoption of Web 2.0: Are Enterprises Ready?

According to a new report by Forrester Research, despite a long-term future marked by commoditization, enterprise spending on Web 2.0 technologies will surge over the next five years, growing 43 percent each year to reach $4.6 billion globally by 2013. The 5-year enterprise Web 2.0 forecast includes technologies such as social networking, RSS, blogs, wikis, mashups, podcasting, and widgets. The enterprise Web 2.0 market, which includes the deployment of tools like blogs, wikis, and social networking within the enterprise, was a growing force in enterprise software in 2007 - 2008... (more)